*Utilise your terrace all year round.

With Mediterraneo Cristal® you can get the maximum advantage of your terrace, patio or balcony, whatever the weather.

*Protect your terrace from wind and rain.

Our Glass Crutains allow you to control the weather on your terrace by closing one side or another depending on the wind´s direction.

*Water tightness:


Mediterraneo cristal balcony glazing protects your balcony against wind and the elements. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the glass panes are not completely watertight. Small amounts of water may accumulate on the balcony in certain weather conditions.


*Expand your living area.

Enlarge your living area, use inside furniture outside.

*Forget about the dust and dirt.

With our Glass Curtains you don´t have to spend time cleaning your terrace, our Glass Curtains banish dirt and dust, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new room.

*Noise reduction.

Mediterraneo Cristal® Glass Curtains will reduce noise levels by at least 60% so you can fully appreciate the tranquillity of your terrace and be free from neighbourhood noise.

*Fit any type of terrace.

Mediterraneo Cristal® Glass Curtains can be developed for most types of property with a terrace, balcony or patio of any shape and size. Rectangular, curved, squared, with or without corners.

*Clean easily from inside.

With our Glass Curtains you will not have to spend much time cleaning your terrace since they banish the dust.

*Strong system, long-lasting and secure.

*Rapid installation, usually manufactured within 1 month from order and installed within 1 or 2 days.

*5 years guarantee.

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